Like trivia? QRANK lets you compete against your friends on Facebook and Twitter with a daily trivia game. Each day you get a batch of fresh questions—some from the news of the day—in a variety of categories from pop culture and movies to science to politics.

QRANK’s main game screen gives you a grid of question tiles grouped into different values and difficulties. Selecting one presents the question hidden underneath, after the category is displayed.

Questions range in difficulty, but they’re all multiple-choice so you’ve got a 1-in-4 chance anyway. They usually aren’t too obscure, though I could do without the occasional celebrity fluff that creeps its way in on occasion.

It doesn’t take long to play a game of QRANK, making it a good game to play over lunch or while you’re waiting in line somewhere. The biggest downside is that you can only play the normal mode once per day, I assume because of the daily question pool.