The classic crossword game of Scrabble comes to iOS in this Electronic Arts application. If you’re like me, you enjoy playing Scrabble, but you’re not too keen on spending two hours playing…and then putting everything away when you’re done. This app solves both problems.

Scrabble has several game modes, including single player against a computer opponent, local multiplayer (over Bluetooth or WiFi), public internet matches, or Facebook-connected multiplayer games. The Facebook games are my favorite, as it works with the free Scrabble game on Facebook and allows you to play whenever you have time; you play your move and wait for your opponents to play theirs, the icon badge updating when its your turn. It’s fun to casually play a couple of Scrabble moves when you’re waiting in line somewhere.

From a software standpoint, the app works well enough. You can drag and zoom the board around with multitouch gestures, and you build your words by dragging the tiles into position on the board. The game handles scoring for you, and offers a Teacher function that will tell you the best move you could have played after you gave up and played that three-letter word.

There is only one thing that bothers me about the game. Every time you launch the game, it “forgets” your Facebook games and forces you to click the “Start Friend Game” button and wait for it to automatically log you back into Facebook. It’s just a minor annoyance, though. Other than that, the game is solid.

This has become one of my most-played, primarily since I have plenty of people to play it with. If you know a few Scrabble fanatics, and enjoy playing with words yourself, this app is mandatory.

Scrabble for iOS is available in several versions.