If you’re a user of Reddit (a sort of social news aggregator slash discussion forum), you know that it can border on being an addiction. How do you get your Reddit fix while on the go? The answer is the wonderful Alien Blue app, made by a Reddit user.

Alien Blue is simply the best Reddit-browsing experience you can have on an iOS device. The interface is responsive, virtually all of the site’s functionality is available, and it has many additional features that you don’t even get using the website.

Once you link your account to Alien Blue, the app will show your front page timeline whenever you launch it. You can tap a headline to view the link in an internal WebKit browser, or you can tap the round blue comment numbers to view the links’ comment threads.

To vote a link or comment up or down, or perform other actions on it, you just touch it and press one of the buttons that slide in underneath. (On the front page, you have to swipe across the link title.) Commenting works in much the same way.

Like having the upvote/downvote arrows visible without extra touchscreen gestures? There’s an option for that. In fact, there’s an option for everything. The Settings screen has so many things you can customize that you could spend half an afternoon on it.

There are plenty of interface tweaks you can make, areas where you can link your Imgur and Instapaper accounts, settings to filter out annoying posts, even a quick account switcher. Alien Blue isn’t just for browsing Reddit, it has all the tools you need to join in with the discussion. Did you just take a funny picture? Upload it to Imgur and post it to Reddit right from Alien Blue.

One feature I particularly like about Alien Blue is its “Casual Subreddits.” Sometimes you find an intriguing subreddit that, while you may not want to see it every day, you would still like to keep tabs on. Just add it to the Casual Subreddits section in order to save it for later, but keep it out of your main timeline.

Alien Blue provides many useful enhancements to the Reddit “experience,” and it won’t cost you a dime. It’s a free app, but you can unlock some extras if you make an in-app purchase of $1.99. There is also an iPad version available for $3.99.