IntoNow is a new social networking app centered around television. When you’re watching a show—whether it’s playing live on broadcast TV, streaming over the internet, or playing off a DVD—you just press the green button in the app and it will listen to the show’s audio to identify it.

The app will log that you are watching the show and provide links to share it on Twitter or Facebook or access information about it from IMDB.

IntoNow’s most interesting feature is that it tries to help you figure out which shows you have in common with your friends. Assuming your friends are also using the app, it will alert you when you’re watching the same show simultaneously, or you can check to see if they have seen the latest episode yet before you spoil the plot. All it’s missing is a way to chat with your friends who are watching at the same time.

IntoNow is nifty, but it doesn’t provide a lot of utility to me. Most of my friends are not using it, so the functionality I would get out of it is limited. Your mileage may vary, though. (I like using it to access IMDB pages without having to type on the virtual keyboard…)