RedLaser uses your iPhone’s camera to scan barcodes (including QR codes) and display relevant information. Scanning UPC or ISBN codes will get you pricing at online and nearby retailers, and food items will display nutrition facts. QR Codes have the URL or other textual information they carry extracted and displayed.

It’s great for checking prices at stores, providing you have a network connection. Scan an item and see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere. (This makes the iPod Touch less suitable, as the store must have WiFi due to the device’s lack of a cellular connection.)

I would imagine booksellers like Borders can’t be too happy about this application, as potential customers could scan a book’s ISBN and order the book for cheaper on Amazon…right from their phone. (I will admit that I like browsing the shelves at bookstores, and will buy used copies from Amazon rather than paying full price. It just seems to wasteful to pay $8-12 for a paperback when one can acquire a barely-used one for less than two dollars online.)

RedLaser is a free app, and a useful one to have. (In addition to it being fun to play around with. Who doesn’t think barcodes are nifty?)